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What Does Professional Look Like

Everyone would label himself or herself as a professional in their industry or at very least promote the company they represent as a professional business. Somewhat of a buzzword, it should make the client feel comfortable and confident that the service will be provided in the best manner possible for the investment made. But how do you know that the service or individual is up to the caliber that you expect a “professional” to produce?

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Take the time to make a good decision

Planning a wedding or an event comes with the heavy responsibility of choosing vendors to entrust the performance of specialized duties. Some you have the convenience to prepare ahead of time, taste test, or see an expectation of the product you will receive. In contrast, some decisions rely solely on your research and pre-screening interview of that vendor. These types of vendors create a unique situation because you can’t “test drive” before you buy. So how long should you look around and what should you do before making a decision of this magnitude? How long does it take to choose the right vendor and make a good decision?

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Where's The Best Place For The DJ?

This is one of the most frequent questions that we receive, “where is the best place to put the DJ or where would you prefer to setup.” Entertainment is important to the bridegroom that is asking and that’s the first step in the right direction. The battle comes soon after deciding entertainment is important and the real question is how important? Statistically your guests will remember the entertainment more than anything else, but we all know a wedding is much more than statistics. Its family, its emotion, its compromises from everyone about which events stay and which events go. The entertainment is not immune, and often we must compromise our best place for the place that makes everyone happy. We do have some maxims that we always suggest in where to place the DJ.

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The One Stop Wedding Shop

Several years ago the big box idea store monopoly was just a glimmer in some corporate level bean counters head. What if we could offer our customers milk, a TV and a tire rotation, all while they shopped in our furniture section? Would have sounded crazy then, but now its pretty standard at several SUPER Wal-Mart’s and Costco’s. The question is where do you draw the line between service and budget? Moreover how does this equation work with something as important as the safety of children in your vehicle? What about one of the most memorable days of your life? What about your wedding day?


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Preferred Vendor or Paid Arrangement

Recently we have been getting less referrals from some great venues and wedding professionals. When I started wondering why, I was shocked and disgusted at what I found. I guess it’s my definition of a preferred vendor and from what I hear my discovery is not limited to the wedding business or our corner of the market. In my humble opinion a preferred vendor is someone that you have worked with several times and based on that experience you know that professional does a good job and treats their clients with respect. Someone that is fair and in your experience a good fit for the person you are suggesting them to. In our office we are often asked about the photographers that have canvases hanging in our office. I say this line almost every time. “When your choosing your photographer or videographer it is important to look at the style they shoot in. While I can’t tell you what style is good for you I can tell you that each of the vendors we suggest are a good upstanding business that treat their clients right each and every time we have worked with them. I am not vouching for their style, I am vouching for them as good ethical businesses that maintain their reputation by performing as promised at each event and treating others with the respect they deserve. That is my definition of a preferred vendor and I know I am not alone, but there is an infection spreading that threatens that honest approach.

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Coming soon will be the ATRT blog with discussions and comments on wedding and DJ topics.


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