Jon Lathey


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My name is Jon Lathey, I’ve been a Dj in some capacity for over 15 years. I’ve Dj’d in Bars, Clubs, Weddings and Private Parties. Music has been my life since I started playing the guitar at age twelve. I was the first sophomore drum captain at my high school, and I enjoy playing drums to this day. I’ve played in numerous rock bands, jazz bands and many other types of groups. I came very close to realizing my dream of being a rockstar in 2001. After the attacks of September 11th the band I was in at the time (called Dialtone, for those from the Middletown area) decided it was time to stop messing around, so we moved to the college town of Murfreesboro right outside of Nashville to record our first album. There were five of us living in an attic, working part time jobs and playing music six nights a week. I’ve shared the stage with several national acts including playing a warm-up show with the band (311). Just when things were looking up, an accidental fire changed everything. Our studio/rehearsal space burned down destroying most of the bands gear along with our completed demo album. After the accident I moved back to Ohio and soon after I met my soulmate (a very talented Cosmetologist & my best friend) and now have three amazing children. I never thought of myself as being a father but my children have completely changed my life.

Now I use my DJ skills as the outlet for my love of music. I never knew I could get as much satisfaction playing music and I love working with all of the amazingly talented individuals at All The Right Tunes. Every wedding I’ve been involved with has brought a smile to my face and a reassurance that true love truly does still exist. I am totally committed to making your big day  remarkable, memorable, and there to serve you and your guest with a smile! We’re the best in the business and you will not be disappointed in choosing us for your big day!!!

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