Leah Achor


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Music is my RX

After obtaining an IT degree and then working in the medical field followed by obtaining an Environmental Engineering degree, I realized I was still missing something. FUN!

My free time consists of:

  • Singing every song playing on every PA system in any commercial establishment

  • Adjusting the equalizer on the radio of EVERY new car I have ever had to my liking before I do ANYTHING else

  • Driving down the road, windows down, music blaring, and singing as if I was the artist and the cars around me were my audience

  • Staying home on Friday nights and doing line dances in the living room with the kiddos with YouTube blaring on the desktop

  • Randomly dancing while shopping to a song I subconsciously heard

I use music as a constant source of medicine if you will. 

Unfortunately, I am not musically talented in any respect. So in order to fulfill my obsession and passion for music, what else could I do other than DJ!

With music having such a broad range of genres it’s easy for me to find a type, song or even a specific lyric to a song to fit most any mood. I use hip-hop to induce energy and sometimes vent. I like country when I’m feeling sensitive or emotional, and R&B or ballads when I’m feeling twitter pated.

I use this passion for music each time I DJ by taking the dance floor through a musical journey. Highlighting good times of the past and making memories now that will last a lifetime. I have the prescription for an amazing event! 


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